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SFV Consulting Group values the opportunity to reflect upon trends and new developments in the field.  It encourages its staff and clients to publish such information and share it with a wide audience.  The Group’s staff has recently published the following:

• Health Status and Health Needs of Older Refugees from Syria in Lebanon,” Conflict and Health (2015)

• “No Place for You Here”, an analysis of the needs & vulnerabilities of LGBT refugees in Lebanon (2014)
• “Left Behind”, a comprehensive needs assessment of Iraqi refugees present in Lebanon (2014)
• “A Church on the Brink”, a comprehensive needs assessment of Syrian Christian refugees present in Lebanon (forthcoming)
• “An Insight into Child Labor among Iraqi Refugees in Lebanon” (2013)
• “Forgotten Voices:  An Insight into Elderly Syrian Refugees in Lebanon”, in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University (2013)
• “Microfinance for the most marginalized: How small loans are tipping the social scales for Roma people”, Stanford Social Innovation Review (2009)
• “A Methodology for Iraqi Refugee Health” Perspectives on Global Issues (2008)
• Donor compendiums on Gulf foundations, LGBT donors, and emerging institutional donors.