an uncommon dedication to achievement

...philosophy & approach

The Group's Mission Statement
To stimulate the social development sector by linking NGOs, authorities, and corporations through expertise, innovation, and research-validated strategies.

The Group's Purpose Statement
SFV Consulting Group enables NGOs, authorities, and corporations to serve community needs by bringing together innovative people and strategic resources based on shared vision with our partners and clients. The Group is first and foremost a service-oriented organization which seeks to contribute solutions to the challenges of our world.

The Group's Vision Statement
Actors in developing societies meet social development challenges through cutting-edge design, innovation, and technique.

The Group's Guiding Principles
We celebrate bringing ideas and resources together through:

Excellence and Achievement of Standards
We cultivate strategic relationships to invest in innovative programming which improves the lives of those we serve.
Service and Leadership
We provide service and leadership to the clients we serve and ultimately to the people they serve.
In our work, in one another and in contributing to the success of our clients’ good work.
Valuing our diverse contributions to meet the needs of our clients and the people they serve. In doing so, we celebrate successes, learn from our mistakes, and enjoy our work.
Acting with an empowered spirit to continuously improve and create solutions to the challenges which our clients face.
We transform the shared vision of our clients into a hopeful future for those they serve.