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Communications with external actors, donors, and those you serve is critical to your image and your ability to sustainably garner support.  The Group offers proven communications methods to build your public image and create opportunities to interact with your beneficiaries, constituents, and donors as well as external actors and the media.
Special emphasis is placed on interactive communications and ways to build participation including driving web traffic, creating forums for participation, and building interactive ways to conduct fund-raising.

Services related to communications include:
- Website writing and design (especially in driving opportunities for fund-raising)
- Creation of newsletters
- Creation of brochures
- Creation of promotional materials
- Translation and writing services (English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Bulgarian, and Albanian)
- Editing by native speakers
- Graphic design, identity creation, and logo development
- Professional photography services for promotional purposes or to document your events.  SFV Consulting Group offers its clients referrals to David Snyder Photography for both individual assignments as well as training programs.  David Snyder is a photographer and writer specializing in communications for non-governmental organizations (NGO). Since 1996 David has worked exclusively with NGO’s, photographing a wide range of emergency and development programming in more than 70 countries. In addition, David also provides both photo and writing training for NGO staff and partner organizations geared specifically to the unique needs of non-profit agencies.

Branding, Social Marketing, and Social Messaging
Successful projects can increase their achievements and engage their constituents better with high quality branding and marketing.  SFV Consulting offers branding models and techniques imported from private sector experience with leading graphic designers and advertising executives.  Services include graphics, identity creation, public service messaging, logo development, and similar options.