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SFV Consulting Group currently offers our corporate clients solutions to corporate social responsibility matters to assist in forming partnerships with NGOs, implementing philanthropy programs, and creating strategies to play a more active role in their society and community. The Group offers professional, world-class services in several practice areas.

Corporate Social Responsibility Advising
Businesses throughout the Middle East and Southeast Europe, the Caucasus, and other post-transition countries are gaining reputation and customers and increasing their profits through corporate social responsibility (CSR).  The Group believes that customers, suppliers, investors, and the whole society can all benefit when corporations have robust and active CSR strategies in place.

Companies with active, robust corporate social responsibility programs naturally are better regarded by their clients and the public.  However, they also tend differentiate their brands with clients better than those companies without such strategies.  They often have lower risk levels due to their “cleaner” business practices.  And, although no conclusive studies have yet been done, they do tend to show higher profits.

The Group offers companies consulting services on:
• Advising on the internal policies and practices of your corporation, including your environmental impact, your business practices, etc.
• Advising on corporate sponsorship matters
• Advising on marketing and advertising with regards to corporate social responsibility
• Advising on corporate philanthropy, with an emphasis on in-kind contributions and transfer of expertise rather than grant making
• Advising on strategic partnerships with NGOs and other actors for the common good.
Corporate Partnerships
Partnerships between corporations and NGOs can have many mutual benefits and help both to achieve key objectives in their missions. Win-win solutions that go beyond mere grant-making are possible and are transforming societies. The Group helps to create innovative, creative partnerships which help corporations increase their client base and profits while helping NGOs to better serve their constituents.

Some of these partnerships have been quite innovative, and profitable for both the NGOs and the companies:
• A soft drink distributor offered space on its delivery trucks to a network of clinics in rural Africa. The clinics were able to place life-saving medicines on the soft drink trucks and regularly stock the clinics in hard-to-reach rural areas reliably without cost.
• A cell phone company in Africa offered to deliver key messages on HIV/AIDS prevention via text messages and images to illiterate populations in rural areas.
• A food company on the Indian subcontinent has produced dairy products aimed at poor customers reinforced with key vitamins to prevent blindness and other medical problems.
• An insurance company trained rural, poor women to sell health insurance policies at affordable rates to the rural poor on the Indian subcontinent.