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Proposal Development
Winning proposals combine both art and science, relying on technical excellence in program design as well as the salesmanship techniques to attract donor interest.  SFV Consulting Group offers both trainings and individualized consultancies to help NGOs write successful proposals.  The Group emphasizes capacity-building in all its consultancies so that NGOs build the skills necessary to consistently win the projects for which they submit proposals.

Trainings and Workshops
The Group regularly puts on trainings globally to help NGOs write better, winning proposals.  Each training is limited to a small group of attendees to maximize learning and attention.  Furthermore, each training uses trainees’ own proposals as the main exercise to emphasize learning-by-doing and create concrete products at the conclusion of each training.
According to funding availability, we offer full and partial scholarships to attendees from NGOs with limited means.
Please contact the Group to find out if a training will be held in your region soon.

Individualized Consultancies
The Group offers both on-site and off-site consultancies for your fund-raising needs.  Consultancies are tailored to your needs, and can range from editing and review, to comments and guidance, to full development including project design.

Collectively, our staff has participated in more than 450 proposal development experiences for most types of donors.  Whatever is your task, we have the experience and expertise to lead your organization to competitive proposals.  We will work closely with your staff and partners, combining our skills with your ideas and management needs towards the creation of winning proposals.

Individualized, Tailored Resource Development Solutions
Local sources of funding can help build your local image, build strong connections with your constituents, and offer unrestricted sources of funding.  Not only do they yield immediate funding, but they provide avenues to dynamic and creative partnerships to enhance the effectiveness of NGO work.

The Group believes that fund-raising is closely linked to the organic relationship between constituents, donors, and your organization.  Our consultants will bring best practices and cutting-edge techniques to your organization’s particular context and needs.  Through a close understanding of your organization, we will select the tools and techniques which are best able to increase your financial stability and at the same time build your reputation and relationships.
The Group assists its clients with:
Donor strategy: Creating an outreach strategy to a tailored group of donors who are most likely to support your organizations’ projects and whose requirements match your organizations’ management capacities.
Donor relations:  Creating talking points and supporting your preparations for donor meetings and managing donor relations.
Resource Development from constituents:  Creating unique and individualized opportunities from those who have a stake in your organization’s mission and success.  All solutions emphasize opportunities to increase their participation in your organization, in addition to fund-raising.
Resource Development from internet, social media, and electronic media:  Using the latest research from this emerging field, the Group offers tools, techniques, and tech savviness to increase online interest in your organization and fund-raising through these new media.
Resource Development from public sources:  Supporting your organization’s strategies and proposal development plans to obtain funding from public donors such as UN Agencies and major donor governments.
Resource Development from corporations or local businesses: Creating opportunities to receive support from corporations or local businesses.   The Group will advise on competitive factors, management requirements, and unique opportunities to form partnerships.
Resource Development in the form of in-kind contributions:  Creating opportunities to obtain in-kind contributions of products, services, or personnel time. The Group will offer advice on how to access such support and how to properly account for it.
Earned Income Strategies: Offering programmatic, legal, and management support for earned income opportunities.  Many NGOs are conducting economic activities to earn income or to supplement the funding for their activities.
Creation of Social Enterprises:  Offering programmatic and legal advice on how NGOs can establish enterprises which meet the needs of those they serve, create employment, and yet remain sustainable.

Fund-Raising Event Planning
Using techniques from business event planning and experiential marketing, the Group offers high quality event planning to help NGOs fund-raise and raise their profile among the public.  Events bring in direct donations and help build relations with donors and constituents by creating experiences which they remember for a long time to come.  However, these events need to be able to attract donors and offer them opportunities to maximize donations.
The Group has conducted fund-raising events all over the Middle East in the past, and the average revenue of each event has been relatively strong.