an uncommon dedication to achievement

about the group

SFV Consulting Group has assembled a core staff with proven track records of success and years of combined expertise. Using time-tested techniques as well as the latest research on fundraising and corporate social responsibility, the Group brings world-class skills, techniques, and solutions to the fund raising and philanthropy needs of NGOs and businesses in developing and transitioning countries.

The Group's core leadership team is headed by its Founder and Managing Director, Christopher Varady.  He has worked in the development field for nearly 20 years in positions of both project implementation and project development.  In resource development, he brings a combination of the donors' competitive perspective and operational contexts.  He is expert in resource development from US agencies, the European Union, and UN agencies, having maintained a lifetime proposal win rate of 50.8%.  He has raised more than $145 million for clients and led a number of strategic initiatives including the creation of a corporate foundation in Eastern Europe, numerous resource development strategies around the world, and transformational resource developent for agencies moving from private to external sources of funding.